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How British Comedy Changed My Life

It was New Year’s Eve, 1994 or ’95, and I was exposed to Monty Python’s Life of Brian. I had no idea that such hilarity existed, and my life was changed forever.

I was raised in a very sheltered environment, hardly ever having access to cable, and living a life of watching 50 minutes of a 1 hour show only to have to turn off the tv with 10 minutes left when my mom came home. How did she always time it so well? When I moved out with my first roommate, we spent many hours having conversations that went like this: “Have you seen Terminator?” “I’ve seen the first half.” “What about Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade?” “I’ve seen the middle part.” And so forth. My movie life was composed of broken stories that either had never been finished or had concluded a premise that I had not seen.

My friend’s mother had invited me over for New Year’s Eve, just their family, and she was very excited about this movie. I was excited with her, even though I had no idea what I was about to see.

 I had never laughed so hard in my life. This was my entrance into sarcasm, word play and mocking organized religion. It changed my life.

I tried to watch this movie again last year, and I was horrified by the language (something I didn’t remember), and, in fact, turned off the movie. You see, I’ve grown enough to be able to make a choice to not see the whole movie, instead of being interrupted and missing the last half.

Now I watch Masterpiece Classic, Masterpiece Mystery, Downton Abbey. I even watched Miss Marple for awhile. I’m sure I’d enjoy Dr. Who but I don’t get the right channel.

This same mother also introduced me to Mystery Science Theatre 3000, and it is rare to not having a running commentary through a movie now. Always look on the bright side of life.
Thank you, Brits! My life was changed.


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