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10 Ways My Mentor has Mentored Me

My mentor is Rev. Gwen Dreger, and I first met her when I was 16, but it wasn’t until I was 18 that I began spending time with her. She took an interest in my life, and the quality of my life, and here are some ways she mentored me.

  1. She validated my existence. I was shy, but had a lot to say. She helped me learn how to express what I was thinking.
  2. She validated my gifts and skills. I was skilled in many artistic areas, but had been in a highly competitive arena for a long time, and not getting first place meant I wasn’t good enough. She helped me see that a few people’s judgement did not mean I was not worthwhile or useful.
  3. She made me a public speaker. Ha Ha. My first times with the microphone were paralyzing with fear, but one day it clicked in and I had the audience captivated, and I was hooked!
  4. She taught me not just to see all the dots, but how to connect them and see how it related to my life. We went over and over information in school, and no one connected the dots. I was so angry when I realized how much time was wasted, but so glad that she taught me how to connect them.
  5. She made me see that perfectionism at the cost of relationships does not equal success. This one took a long time for me to get. People who are not perfectionists don’t care about perfectionism, and they don’t understand the desire, at any cost, to get the job done right. The cost is usually relationships, which is what makes the personal and business world go round, so a good, good lesson! People are different, and they are allowed to be.
  6. Perfectionism is not equal to excellence. Being perfect is not the same as doing your best to your utmost ability.
  7. Excellence is not accepted everywhere. Just because someone is related to you does not mean that they have your best interests in mind or that they have a right to speak into your life. There are people who can be cut from your life.
  8. God is always for you. Religious ideas portray that God wants to keep you out of relationship with Him, but it’s why He created us, so it’s kind of moronic.
  9. No matter what you believe, when you cry out to God, He will help you. No matter what the occasion, there is always time to hear what God has to say. God is so gracious, and in my times with people in some horrible situations God has always entered into their language and He has helped them.
  10. God is looking for a way IN for you, not a way to keep you OUT. True acceptance! This last one is particularly potent. I didn’t know how good my job was until my friend started working at a place where everything was designed to keep you out, take you off the list, disqualify you. My workplace was always trying to make things better, find a way to re-train, or offer as much assistance as they could.

God is like that. He always is looking for you to be better, blessed, and blessing others. How awesome is that!?!


My thanks goes out to my mentor, who is still here after 16 years, and who has remained strong in character and is a continual learner, and she continues to mentor all her mentorees. And, she’s a really good cook!


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