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I Think My Pastor is an Alien

I have made  GREAT discovery! Well, it seems like it should be a great discovery. It seems logical now… I have spent many years with my pastor, and it still … Continue reading

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10 Ways My Mentor has Mentored Me

My mentor is Rev. Gwen Dreger, and I first met her when I was 16, but it wasn’t until I was 18 that I began spending time with her. She … Continue reading

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How Whipped Cream in a Can Changed my Life

I grew up poor; poor like standing in line at the Food Bank poor. We didn’t get whipped cream in a can when I was growing up. I moved out … Continue reading

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Hello world!

This is my window to share the little insights I have picked up in my travels, in my life, and a bit of humor to go along.

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How British Comedy Changed My Life

It was New Year’s Eve, 1994 or ’95, and I was exposed to Monty Python’s Life of Brian. I had no idea that such hilarity existed, and my life was … Continue reading

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